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Lead Story

Looking Forward to CATESOL 2016!

By SHERRY SCHAFER —Hello, Everyone! Mark your calendars—the CATESOL Annual Conference will be here before you know it, and it is a jam-packed event you won’t want to miss! This year’s theme is “2020 Vision: Embracing the Past—Planning the Future,” representing our constant goal to determine how we can better serve ESL students, teachers, and
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Featuring: In the Classroom

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Embracing the Sound of Words:
Evoking the Inner Experience

By PATRICK T. RANDOLPH — “As soon as we have the thing before our eyes, and in our hearts an ear for the word, thinking prospers.” —Martin Heidegger I. Introduction The wisdom of the ears knows the magic of words. The memory is as vivid as they come: I was 4 years old, rolling in
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Keep Students Talking After Class

By BRENT WARNER —One of the biggest challenges facing teachers of ESL students is getting them to use English outside the classroom. It’s a blessing and a curse to be in such a diverse community, where our students feel empowered by the support of people from their own community but have little incentive to use
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By LYNN FRANCIS —A story tells of a man walking down the beach and he sees thousands of starfish on the shore. A woman is picking them up one at a time and putting them back in the water. The man says to her, “There are so many starfish here, how do you think you
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From the President

CATESOL—At Your Service! Volunteer Efforts = A High-Value Exchange By SYDNEY RICE —CATESOL has a long, proud history. Beginning in 1969, it has continued to be an organization focused on teaching, students, and advocacy. The members are not only dedicated to their profession but also to the students they serve. In fact, when members are
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Karen Bleske

Editor’s Note

—Hello, CATESOL News readers. I hope this issue finds you well! Among other things, it includes the wrapup of the 2016 regional conference season and features the last reports from the awardees of the CATESOL Education Foundation stipend; in this case, the recipients both attended the Northern Regional Conference in April. And it also features
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Awardee Welcomes Excitement of Regional’s Offerings

By ERIN MERDINGER —As someone who is relatively new to the TESOL field and a first-year teacher, I knew attending a CATESOL conference would be an amazing experience and instrumental to my professional development. That is why I am so grateful to have been awarded the Regional Conference Stipend, which funded my attendance at the
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Involvement in Northern Regional Gets Stipend Awardee All Charged Up

By DANIEL GLENN —I was an awardee of the CATESOL Education Foundation Regional Conference Stipend, and I am very thankful that the CATESOL Education Foundation provided me the opportunity to attend the April 16 CATESOL Northern Regional Conference through the stipend. The presentations, workshops, and experiences at the conference have provided new insights for teaching
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New Legislation a Positive Step for Progress on EL Policy

By JEFF FROST As the 2016 session of the state legislature gets started, three bills have been introduced that CATESOL is watching closely; they should have significant impacts on improving opportunities for English learners. AB 2350 (Patrick O’Donnell, D-Long Beach) would prohibit English learners (ELs) in middle and high school from being prevented from enrolling
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Call for Lesson Plan Submissions

Book Editors Seek Ideas for New Ways in Teaching Creative Writing for the ELL Community —We are seeking contributors with exciting and effective lesson plan ideas for using creative writing in the English language classroom. Our book, New Ways in Teaching Creative Writing for the ELL Community, will be published in the TESOL Press New
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Interest Groups

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What Pronunciation Professionals Talk About

By MARSHA CHAN —I belong to many electronic discussion lists, including the CATESOL Teaching of Pronunciation Interest Group (TOP-IG). If you are not already a member of TOP, I invite you to join us by accessing our Google Group at this link: As I shared with TOP, I participate in another digital discussion group
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How Do You Pronounce “Bear”?

By MARSHA CHAN —Evan Wu, a follower on my Pronunciation Doctor YouTube channel, posted this question after watching my video Phrase by Phrase Ch14 SF2 /ɛ/ as in every vs. /es/ as in say. He wrote: Thanks Marsha, how about bear/ˈbeɚ/, e is a single syllable here, is it /ɛ/? how do we pronounce this?
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