Attention, Grad Students: A Call for Proposals

May 16th, 2014 | By | Category: Students, The CATESOL Journal
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Graduate Student Development:
Applying Interdisciplinary Expertise in the TESOL Classroom

The upcoming CATESOL Journal, to be published in September 2014, will include a graduate student theme section titled, “Graduate Student Development: Applying Interdisciplinary Expertise in the TESOL Classroom.”

Many graduate students come from different careers, educational backgrounds, and areas of expertise. This theme invites you to share how you have implemented your passions and unique fields of knowledge into your TESOL teacher training and experience in creative, interesting ways.

Graduate students from TESOL and TESOL-related fields are encouraged to submit a one-paragraph description of their article idea on this topic.

Why Publish?

  1. Join the TESOL community: When you publish, you can develop your professional writing skills, as well as draw from the ideas and input from others in the TESOL field who can read and respond to your work.
  2. Build your résumé: Publishing sets you apart in the field and gives you access to more job and career opportunities.
  3. Share your ideas: You have valuable ideas and insight from your individual experience. When you publish, not only are you investing in your own professional development, but you also are giving others the chance to benefit from your work.

Email with your full name, affiliation, and short summary of your proposed article by June 1, 2014.

—Erika Kercheval and Christina Lorimer, current and former graduate student representatives



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