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(Almost) Free Resources for Lesson Planning
and Record Keeping

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What tool do you use to record your lesson plans or grades? Maybe you’ve developed your own lesson plan book, use an online lesson planner, use a grading program, or depend on your memory for your lesson plans. If you’re anything like me, PlanbookEdu and Engrade can save you time and reduce your load of “stuff” you tote everywhere.planbookedu illustration for adult level in the classroom

Lesson ideas/changes come to me at all times of the day—not just when I’ve set aside the time to lesson plan. Wouldn’t it be useful to access your lesson plan book at any time? PlanbookEdu allows you to do this and more! I’ve been using Planbook for a couple of years and it has transformed my (teaching) life. The free version is adequate; however, for $20 a year, you can get the upgraded version, which allows you to attach documents, share your lesson plan book, and print lessons. You can also add links to videos and websites. Planbook allows you to set your own calendar, number of class meetings, and blocks of time. It’s extremely user friendly, and you can even copy lesson plan books from year to year. On a typical day, I turn on the computer in my classroom and go to After logging in, I click on the day I want to look at and my lesson plans are right there! If I’m using a PowerPoint presentation or video to deliver my lesson, it’s there for me to click on. If I need to show a document, I can do that too! If I have to modify anything, I can do it right then and there. I also include my syllabus information so that I am always aware of where I should be each week.

engrade artworkIf you don’t have access to the Internet at your job site, you can use your phone or tablet for some of the same functions. You can also lesson plan at home or wherever you have web access and print your lessons for the day.

Let’s not forget record keeping. If your school is anything like mine, you might be required to use a specific grading program. If not, or if you need a grading program that can track grades and attendance, Engrade might be for you. After visiting, you can create your free gradebook. You can pay a nominal fee to upgrade to premium features. I primarily use this program to track attendance and homework.

I highly recommend both these programs, and I have no connection to them other than being a user.

Adult Level Award Applications Coming Soon!

In other news, the CATESOL Adult Level Professional Development Scholarship encourages each CATESOL member to invite a colleague who is not yet a member to take part in the excellent professional development CATESOL provides at its annual conference and year-round. The scholarship also seeks to promote collaboration between colleagues by asking them to develop a plan to share the highlights of the conference at their school site(s).

The Norma Shapiro Awardee must be a CATESOL member and Adult Level ESL teacher who has demonstrated exceptional skill in at least three of the following four areas: classroom teaching, teacher-training/professional development, materials writing, or curriculum development.

The Adult Level Student Essay Contest is for ESOL students in adult education and noncredit community college programs throughout the state of California.

Application forms will soon be available on our CATESOL website.

Tonya Cobb is Adult Level chair.



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