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Don Sillings

—First of note are two new membership categories, “Guest” and “Trial,” approved by the Board of Directors. The Guest membership is a no-fee membership extended to such entities as publishers, legislators, and TESOL affiliates upon the approval of their request to join CATESOL. This membership adds them to the mailing list of the twice-monthly e-bulletin, the CATESOL Update newsbrief, to keep them informed of events and news within the association.

The Trial membership is a one-time, one-month, no-fee membership that allows these members to receive the CATESOL Update newsbrief for that one month.

Neither of these new membership categories includes discounted event registrations. A chart of the membership categories and benefits can be found online at

Second, thanks to the generosity of the CATESOL Education Foundation, which has agreed to process our nonpolitical mailings through its nonprofit mailing permit, the membership office is sending membership-renewal postcards to those members whose membership is more than 30 days lapsed. Members with current memberships, and those with memberships expired within the last month, continue to be notified of their membership status via the CATESOL Update newsbrief in keeping with our policy of reducing paper and mailing costs.

Third, the online system for joining and renewing membership continues. The short form reduces the time for one to complete the process and reduces the amount of data requested up front. The member simply provides the membership category, ZIP code, email address, and payment. After this information is processed, the membership coordinator emails a receipt/membership card. The member can update information at the bottom of the membership webpage referenced above. At times, the member must be contacted before the membership is processed. Most of the time, it is a matter of school versus personal email address. In these situations, a word or phrase from the membership file will be shared with the member. The word or phrase is chosen so that it does not release personal information to a possible mismatch. Most often it is the street name on file.

Remember that all membership payments will produce a membership card and receipt, which will be sent by email. If you joined or renewed and have not received this document within 10 business days, please contact the membership coordinator by email to

If you are using a school or business email address, you may periodically miss CATESOL email through its being sent to a spam folder, deleted, or rejected by the organization’s email system. These systems will sometimes even “unsubscribe” you from our mailing lists. To comply with industry and government regulations regarding email and to reduce the possibility of our email to you being blocked, we use commercial emailing services for our group email.

The last, but the most important, note about membership is that YOU are CATESOL. It is your continued membership, support, and direction that lead the association. Please feel free to direct questions, comments, and suggestions about anything CATESOL to our general email address,, from which it will be directed to the appropriate person or committee for consideration.

Don Sillings is general manager and membership coordinator of CATESOL.

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