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Margaret Teske

Margaret Teske


—The busy time of year is here. We’re dashing around to get all the normal things of life done while the holidays add fun get-togethers and of course last-minute tests and grading of our students. We hope we can squeeze in time for some much-needed rest, reflection, and renewal as we prepare for a new year.

The CATESOL Education Foundation was proud to sponsor the Saturday Nite Sizzle and the Sunday Workshops at the CATESOL Annual Conference in Santa Clara. Many conference-goers stayed late on Saturday to party and network along with gleaning some nice raffle items from our chapters and other local venues. On Sunday morning, the four workshops were filled with participants listening and discussing with Keith Folse, Dana R. Ferris, George Bunch, and Jan Frodesen and Lía Kamhi-Stein. We are glad you took part.

image of CSUF leadership grant winners who presented at CATESOL 2014

Foundation Leadership Grant presenters for “Sharing Is Caring: Interdisciplinary Work and Passion in ESL” at CATESOL 2014 are (from left) Erika Kercheval, Eric Cebreiro (colleague), Tiffany Badie, Corinna Rodriguez, and Erika Montero. Not pictured is Teresa Nguyen, a CSUF ALP instructor.

Speaking of taking part, three Tippy Schwabe Grant recipients from the University of California, Davis—Maila Chang, Kimberly Morris, and Sherry Schafter—attended the annual conference. Not to be outdone, graduate students Tiffany Badie, Rachel Savage, and Erika Montero, supported by the California State University, Fullerton Leadership Grant, presented at the Graduate Student Forum. They brought along colleagues Marissa Danielsen and Corinna Rodriguez, also supported by the CSUF Leadership Grant. Erika Kercheval, a new leader in our midst, was in charge of the Graduate Student Forum this year. Kudos for a job well done!

Besides the presentation of “Sharing Is Caring,” other presentations by Foundation grant recipients were “Proficiency and Motivation of Non-Native Teachers in Mexico” by Rachel Savage and Erika Montero and Tiffany Badie’s “Teaching ESL Using Theatre as a Learning Tool” (see the related article published in the Graduate Student Theme Section in the current issue of The CATESOL Journal at Dr. Jan Eying (CSUF professor and local grant administrator) said, “Thanks again for your very warm reception at the conference. The students came back energized and enthusiastic about CATESOL!”

Coming up this spring are three dynamic regional conferences. San Diego hosts the year’s first regional on March 7. After the International TESOL Convention in Toronto (March 25-28), the regional in Los Angeles is set for April 25, and Northern California’s is on May 9.Education Foundation promo for Cars for Causes

Do you know that the Foundation assists teachers in attending their local regional conference? Part of our mission is to provide educational opportunities to ESL and EL teachers. To find out more, simply go to the Foundation website and apply at Navigate to Grant Projects and go to the bottom of the page.

This time of the year is always the perfect time to get in your donations to the Foundation to note on your 2014 tax return. Be sure to visit us at today!

Margaret Teske is president of the CATESOL Education Foundation.

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