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Mar 13th, 2015 | By | Category: Interest Groups, PTE-IG
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image of Tiffany Ingle--PTEIG member

Tiffany Ingle


—As a part of Adjunct Awareness week, February 23-27, I conducted a survey of the Part-Time Educators Interest Group. I asked only one simple question: What concerns you most right now as a part-time educator? The responses surprised me. I expected to see health care and more pay come up, but I didn’t expect to see the themes I saw.

  • Every person who responded expressed a need for more connection between full-timers and part-timers. Here are the things that part-timers want full-timers to be aware of:
  • Part-timers would love to feel more dignity in their departments and programs.
  • Part-timers would like to be greeted in offices, social gatherings, and professional learning experiences as they see full-timers being greeted.
  • Part-timers want to be a part of professional learning and development activities. They ask how they can help make that happen.
  • Part-timers express that losing a class because of schedule changes or low enrollment is a 20-25% pay reduction if they are teaching four to five classes on different campuses.
  • Pregnant part-timers have been denied classes in semesters when they are due, even when they have enough sick time to draw from after the baby is born. This causes them to be income-less during their maternity, but legally they are allowed to teach until the baby comes and then draw sick leave.
  • Part-timers are professionals who teach three to five preps at different colleges.
  • The stress of having no job security is extremely hard on part-timers because their income is generally not “supplemental” in their families.

Reading the responses of the part-timers, I saw faculty who desire to be considered part of the community of their campuses, but who are unable to navigate how to do so. Is the label “adjunct” or “part-time” affecting how you treat this human connection in your departments? Are the part-timers known and celebrated? How can we create communities where part-timers and full-timers belong, learn together, and connect?


Past CATESOL Secretary (2013-2014) Tiffany Ingle is a member of the Part-Time Educators Interest Group.


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