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—The latest issue of The CATESOL Journal, Volume 27, Number 2, is now available at

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This second issue of 2015 is jam-packed: two theme sections, two feature articles, and an array of reviews.

The first theme section, “The Internationalization of Higher Education: Examining Issues, Maximizing Outcomes,” combines perspectives from a number of University of California instructors whose campuses have recently seen dramatic changes in student demographics.  The issue of internationalization deserves our attention because postsecondary institutions—from local community colleges, to large state colleges, to elite research universities—have recruited ever-larger numbers of international students during the past decade. This issue also deserves our attention because many postsecondary institutions have made deliberate efforts to “internationalize” their curriculum, focusing on competencies and areas of knowledge that will prepare students for an increasingly globalized world. The articles in this section focus on classroom pedagogy, writing centers, and student experiences, as well as larger policy issues brought on by this internationalization.

The second theme section, “Revisioning the Practicum Experience in TESOL Teacher Education,” offers 10 articles—four feature articles, five “Voices From the Classroom” articles, and one book review—that, as a collection, aim to promote dialogue and reflection about the practicum experience as a unique growth activity. Through the perspectives of university faculty, mentor teachers, and student teachers, this section also provides insights into how multiple stakeholders are working to “re-vision” the practicum in response to the “social turn” in language-teacher education, internationalizing trends, and increased integration of technology in TESOL teacher education. As highlighted in the guest editors’ introduction, this section invites the reader to reaffirm his or her appreciation for the intellectual work and emotional investment that go into the practicum experience.

The current volume also contains two additional feature articles: one on Asian EFL students’ preferences about teaching approaches and another on the use of reading to promote critical consciousness and voice.

Finally, this issue of The CATESOL Journal ends with a selection of reviews compiled and edited by Netta Avineri: two reviews examining student textbooks and two examining teacher resource books.

We thank our editorial board for their input on manuscripts. Feature articles go through a process of blind review by our editorial review board members—who generously volunteer their time and expertise to The CATESOL Journal. We also thank all the authors who have shared their perspectives, practices, and research results. And we hope that all of you will consider sharing yours. Contact us with ideas you have; members of the editorial advisory board are here to help you throughout the process of drafting and readying pieces for publication.

We would like to announce that starting with the next issue of The CATESOL Journal, Netta Avineri will be promoted to the role of submissions editor. We thank her for her work as review editor and welcome her to the new position.

Editorial Board Positions Available

The board evaluates incoming manuscripts and provides feedback to authors as these authors go through the review process.  If you are interested in serving on our editorial review board, we encourage you to contact us. We are always open to new reviewers with specialized expertise in various areas of the TESOL field.

We hope you enjoy the current issue of The CATESOL Journal.

Margi Wald and Mark Roberge,, are co-editors of The CATESOL Journal.



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