From the Part-Timers’ Corner: Saving Time

Mar 19th, 2016 | By | Category: Interest Groups, PTE-IG
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Corey Hanson Hegger


—Between grading, lesson planning, and commuting, it’s difficult to find enough hours in the day. It’s important to avoid burnout.

Here are some time-saving tips for the classroom:

  • Check Homework in Class Instead of Taking It Home With You. Put students in small groups to compare homework answers, and circulate through the room to make sure everyone has done it. You do not need to take it home and check every answer. Give students a set number of points for homework completed every day; never grade homework for accuracy.
  • Get Students to Model Correct Answers on Board or Document Camera. You could spend your precious time writing out correct answers before class. Or you could ask students to write the answers out for you, giving them extra practice. You can ask students to write out answers while they are reviewing homework in small groups, or ask your early birds to do it before class starts.
  • Write Shorter Quizzes and Tests. Yes, your written assessments need to be comprehensive, but they don’t need to be quite so long. No longer than one page for a quiz, two pages for a test or exam. Remember the saying: “If you can do five, you can do 50. If you can’t do five, you can’t do 50.”

It’s hard to connect with your students and be an effective teacher if you’re tired, busy, or stressed out. Your time is important and limited. Use it wisely.

Corey Hanson Hegger teaches ESL at Glendale Community College and Citrus College. She lives in Altadena.


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