Editor’s Note, Summer 2016

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Karen Bleske

—Hello, CATESOL News readers.

I hope this issue finds you well! Among other things, it includes the wrapup of the 2016 regional conference season and features the last reports from the awardees of the CATESOL Education Foundation stipend; in this case, the recipients both attended the Northern Regional Conference in April. And it also features a preview of CATESOL’s Annual Conference, to be held this November in San Diego. Register early for the best rates!

Regular contributor to the In the Classroom section Patrick T. Randolph and his co-editor are asking CATESOL readers for submissions of lesson plans for their book on creative writing in the ELL classroom; the book will be published by TESOL Press in its New Ways series. The story might look familiar—the deadline has been extended until July 30, so if you were putting off submitting some of your good ideas, you still have a chance. Patrick’s lesson for the In the Classroom section in this issue deals with embracing the sounds of words and how students benefit from activities in which they write about their favorite words and why they are their favorites. Brent Warner, who will present at the upcoming Inland Empire Spring Workshop, describes how he uses Voxer to keep students talking outside of the classroom. And Lynn Francis’s Inner News deals with how to get over the disillusionment that can hit even the most devoted ESL teacher.

Jeff Frost reports on three bills in the legislature that have the potential to improve opportunities for English learners; stay tuned for updates. Marsha Chan, cofounder and co-coordinator of the Teaching of Pronunciation Interest Group, tells us what pronunciation professionals talk about—she discusses the “Hot Topics” that she and co-author discovered in an analysis of discussion-board messages, along with a link to the full report. She also offers a mini-lesson on how to pronounce the word bear. You can have your pick of several options.

And last, I’ve added a section to the top menu bar called “Submission Guidelines” that tells you all you need to know about submitting to the CATESOL News, along with copy deadlines and publication dates.

I hope you enjoy this issue’s offerings.

—Karen Bleske


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