Involvement in Northern Regional Gets Stipend Awardee All Charged Up

May 10th, 2016 | By | Category: Conferences, Regional
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Daniel Glenn


—I was an awardee of the CATESOL Education Foundation Regional Conference Stipend, and I am very thankful that the CATESOL Education Foundation provided me the opportunity to attend the April 16 CATESOL Northern Regional Conference through the stipend. The presentations, workshops, and experiences at the conference have provided new insights for teaching and fueled my teaching for this and next semester. I am excited about implementing what I learned in my classes.

Volunteering is one rewarding experience that I would recommend to any attendee. This is the first CATESOL conference at which I tried to volunteer as much as possible. Weeks before the conference began, I read proposals for evaluation. At the conference I assisted with setup and registration. I felt far more involved than if I had just simply attended. I plan to volunteer at every conference now.image of northern regional logo

Throughout the conference I attended seminars and workshops that piqued my interest. Dennis Johnson presented teaching tips for the classroom. In that session, I was reminded that before having students perform an activity, check for comprehension and/or provide a clear model of the task. In another session, Julian Elias explained in great detail about how to teach forms and meanings of modals. His handout and presentation were extremely informative. Tara Bates presented how to use short videos for teaching the past tense. One of her ideas was to have all the students watch a video clip and halfway through, dismiss half the class outside. The remaining students would watch the entire clip and then the dismissed students would return with questions about what happened. This type of activity piques the interest while providing an authentic opportunity to use the past tense.

During the conference I met several fellow professionals who made suggestions for teaching. I also shared my ideas for teaching. The suggestions I received were for presentation and project ideas. It was great to ask another professor, “How do you teach this?” or “What are some ideas for teaching this?” This type of organic collaboration alone was worth going to the conference for.

Without the stipend from the CATESOL Education Foundation I would have never attended this regional event. I truly appreciate the opportunity and plan to share my experience with my colleagues at our next meeting.

Daniel Glenn is an adjunct professor at American River College, Sierra College, and Yuba College who teaches all areas of ESL: grammar, listening/speaking, writing, and reading.


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