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image of CATESOL President Sydney Rice

Sydney Rice

CATESOL—At Your Service!
Volunteer Efforts = A High-Value Exchange


—CATESOL has a long, proud history. Beginning in 1969, it has continued to be an organization focused on teaching, students, and advocacy. The members are not only dedicated to their profession but also to the students they serve. In fact, when members are asked why they have chosen to teach ESL, the general response is that they want to help people. But to do that, members realize, they also have to help themselves continue to grow, develop, and make connections within the field, and so they join CATESOL. Thus, in essence, CATESOL is a service organization—providing members with the tools they need to help be of service to others.

As a service organization, CATESOL is also a volunteer-based and -run organization. Because of its size, we do have one full-time employee and several positions that receive stipends, such as The CATESOL Journal Editors. The remaining work is done by unpaid volunteers who receive nothing in return other than the satisfaction of being able to help the organization that we love continue. Even members of the Board, who put in hours of hours of time during the year, pay for their own memberships and conference registration fees. Why? Because we see the value of CATESOL—and of service.

So, if CATESOL is an organization built on volunteers, why must we pay for conferences, and why are membership fees where they are? I mean, as members, what do we really get? These are certainly legitimate questions! Let’s take a look:

As a member, you receive:

  • The CATESOL News, published quarterly;
  • The CATESOL Journal, a peer-reviewed, professional journal published twice yearly;
  • Access to your chapter, level, and interest-section Google Groups, putting you in touch with your peers throughout California and Nevada;
  • The CATESOL job bank;
  • Discounted registration to the CATESOL Annual Conference and three regional conferences;
  • Membership to your local chapter;
  • Access to legislative advocates;
  • Access to leading researchers and teachers in our field;
  • Access to the CATESOL office and the general manager to answer your questions regarding membership and other services;
  • Opportunities for networking, professional development, and more!

And you get all of this at a cost below what most professional teaching organizations charge. If you’re not sure, check them out.

The point is that CATESOL is run for its members and by its members. We value our students and we value our organization. That’s why we choose to join and that’s why we are involved. We are an organization with a long, proud history, but it will take the membership—it will take you—giving of your time and of your talents for us to continue. CATESOL is your organization. CATESOL is you.

Sydney Rice is president of CATESOL 2015-2016.


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