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Join Us in Volunteering! Every Little Bit Counts

image of CATESOL President Sydney Rice

Sydney Rice


—When in class, few things are worse than asking a question and having no one respond. In the wake of the deafening silence, many questions start rolling around in the teacher’s head. Does no one know the answer? Perhaps the class didn’t understand the question? Is everyone too nervous or afraid to speak? Why do only the same couple of people say something? Why aren’t they all responding to me!?!

A class is a community of learners, but it is also a community of volunteers. In fact, without volunteers—people talking, exchanging ideas, and being willing to make the class run—the class would be a very boring place. As an organization, CATESOL is much like the classroom. It cannot be run by a few people; everyone has a stake in the community and in its success.

This year has brought some great accomplishments because members of the CATESOL community have volunteered to stand together. A resolution regarding credit ESL classes, for example, was passed at the California Community College State Academic Senate. Our K-12 representatives have made inroads into reinvigorating this part of CATESOL. And being members of CATESOL gained us valuable access to state legislators during TESOL’s Advocacy days in Washington, DC. None of this would have happened without volunteers giving their time and energies to CATESOL.

As an organization, however, we are only as strong as our membership. And our membership is made up of people who are volunteers. That means me, and that means you. Yes, we are all very busy, but I believe that we all put our energies into what matters most to us. As a member of CATESOL, you have shown that CATESOL matters. I urge you to find a space for volunteering with CATESOL at any level. There are jobs both large and small that always need to be done. Every little bit helps keeps CATESOL running and keeps our organization strong!

Be part of the community! Answer the question and the call! Volunteer!

Onward and upward …


—Sydney Rice is president of CATESOL 2015-2016.


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