NNLEI-IG Hopes to Welcome
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Mar 18th, 2017 | By | Category: Interest Groups, Messages, NNLEI-IG
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—As the co-moderator of the electronic discussion list for the Nonnative Language Educators’ Issues (NNLEI) Interest Group, I would like to invite members to join our community by clicking here. Our interest group is open to all, native and nonnative English speakers, graduate students, experienced ESL/EFL instructors, researchers, and administrators who are interested in World Englishes, multilingualism, and NNEST issues. We would like to create an open space to inspire and educate members on the many issues related to the professional status of nonnative English-speaking teachers, promote events and activities to enhance professional development, and offer resources to address discriminatory professional environment in ethical and effective manner.

Also, because many of our members are international graduate students and recent immigrants from various geographical locations and language backgrounds, we invite all members to share experiences that support the professional advancement of NNESTs and that facilitate a better understanding and collaboration between local and new residents, native and nonnative professionals.

More about NNEST issues and resources:

A reading list (World Englishes, English as a Lingua Franca, Native Speakism, and more)

Interviews with NNS and NS professionals

CATESOL position paper opposing discrimination against Non-Native English Speaking Teachers (NNESTs) and teachers with “non-standard” varieties of English

—Ana Wu, NNLEI-IG Co-moderator


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