Editor’s Note, Summer 2017

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Karen Bleske

—Hello, CATESOL News readers.

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to submit proposals for the CATESOL 2017 Annual Conference—the proposal deadline falls in midsummer, July 23. If you are hesitating, read CATESOL President Karen Russikoff’s message for some encouraging words. Conference liaison Alejandra Pulido offers a preview on two more of the conference’s featured speakers, and she and Judy O’Loughlin report that this year the conference will feature a two-day K-12 strand. K-12 is an important issue for The CATESOL Journal, too; the co-editors are seeking reviewers for the editorial board, particularly K-12 reviewers. And don’t forget that it’s also time to apply for awards. You’ll find a link to the full list of details and deadlines.

Speaking of conferences, two winners of the CATESOL Education Foundation stipend, Undarmaa Maamuujav and Joyce Chan, share their great experiences of the San Diego Regional and the Steinbeck chapter reports on the Northern Regional’s “Riding the Waves of Change,” which “addressed the constantly evolving landscape in the field of ESL.”

In this issue you’ll also find a full report on the Orange County Chapter’s Spring Workshop, which featured six presenters this time around. That’s backed up with a reflection on the event from Alice Chiamenti, one of the winners of the OC Chapter’s “Graduate Student Initiative.” The San Gabriel Valley Chapter tackled the theme of social justice in English language teaching for its latest “Coffee, Tea, and ____” event, and members of the PTE-IG book club delved into myths of second language acquisition in their search to understand and improve their efforts in the classroom. Legislative Advocate Jeff Frost brings CATESOL up-to-date on the legislative progress that’s being made for California’s ELs, while Linda Gannon offers an update on what’s happening on the EL front in the Nevada legislature. If politics is getting you down, read Inner News author Lynn Francis for some suggestions for maintaining and/or regaining your composure.

Regular “In the Classroom” contributor Patrick T. Randolph describes his method for using verbpathy, or “word-feeling,” and emotion to teach vocabulary, while Stephen L. West offers “The Dance of the English Verbs,” an exercise that helps teach the natural flow of verbs and the coordination among them in a piece of dialogue or writing.

If you have any questions about how to write your own article for publication, be sure to check out “Submission Guidelines” on the top menu bar, which tells you all you need to know about submitting to the CATESOL News, along with copy deadlines and publication dates. The next deadline, for the Fall 2017 issue, is Friday, September 1. I hope to hear from you.

Have a great summer, everyone.

—Karen Bleske


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