From the President, Summer 2017—Now Is the Time:
Calling Everyone With Something to Share

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Karen Russikoff

Karen Russikoff


—That time of the year is here again—and you won’t want to miss it!

The Call for Proposals for the CATESOL Annual Conference is up and waiting for you to submit. (See more details about the conference toward the middle of the Featuring: Conferences section.)

If you have never submitted to a conference, now is the time. C’mon! You have something clever that you do with your classes that we can all use. Maybe you have some wonderful way to use an app that needs to be shared. Or you have the most inventive way to teach gerunds and infinitives that we all want to know. By taking this opportunity, you will also gain by organizing your ideas for a presentation that will wash back in even better ways for your own classes afterward.

You have something to share!call for proposals for 2017 conference

And if the idea of making a presentation frightens you, maybe this is a good time to be collegial and get one or two other people together as a panel or a group research project that you will all benefit from. You do not have to do it alone!

If you already have a project you have worked on with a graduate class or in your own classes, but you do not want to stand in front of anyone to speak about research, then this is the time to do a poster presentation, at which you just talk one-on-one with individuals who will come chat with you about your project in a very casual and comfortable setting. Submit that idea as a poster!

The conference is in Santa Clara this October and the influences from Silicon Valley will be wafting throughout the entire venue. Your own use of technology will be recognized and valued when you offer your ideas to other teachers who will learn and gain from you.

CATESOL’s purpose is to provide the premier opportunities in professional development to teachers of English learners. Join us and offer your valuable ideas so we can all gain.

The website is up and waiting. Submit today:

Deadline: July 23, 2017

Karen Russikoff is president of CATESOL 2016-2017.


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