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Karen Bleske

Karen Bleske

—Hello, CATESOL News readers.

Fall is finally here, and that means it’s time for the CATESOL 2017 Annual Conference. It’s also time for a transition. As you may know, the Board has decided to end the CATESOL News with this Fall 2017 edition, because a new opportunity has arisen for CATESOL and it is time to make a change. As CATESOL members, you might have noted that the News is being replaced with a smaller but tangible version of the monthly WRAP for Language Magazine, which all members now receive in their mailboxes as a part of their membership dues.

Former issues of the News, both the older pdf versions and the online versions, will remain available online. Simply go to www.catesol.org and click on the link to the News. It will take you to the archives.

I have found that working on the News has been a wonderful experience these last eight years; I have learned so much, first in working on the print version and then in taking it online. I greatly appreciate the opportunity I have had to work with the Board, the readers, and I most particularly appreciate all the authors who have submitted for the benefit of all of us.

Have a great fall and a great conference, everyone!

—Karen Bleske


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