Pronunciation Operator on Duty: What’s Your Emergency?

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Marsha Chan


—Do you teach pronunciation to your ESL students? Have you ever faced a pronunciation teaching conundrum? Wondered about prioritizing skill activities? Felt stumped by a student or teaching situation? Want to try to stump pronunciation authors? Or have ideas to share? Come to this Board-sponsored Teaching of Pronunciation Interest Group (TOP-IG) session at the CATESOL Annual Conference in Santa Clara with your questions and puzzles. After briefly outlining important aspects of teaching pronunciation to ESL students, we’ll field questions in this audience-participation session. As both Marla Yoshida and I are authors of pronunciation materials and articles as well as frequent presenters in this area of English teaching and learning, we will use our collective information and experience to respond to as many questions and comments as time permits and to engage participants.

When: Saturday, October 21, 2:15-3 p.m.

TOP-IG Networking and Business Meetingimage of top-ig logo from facebook page

As coordinators of TOP-IG, Marla and I will also conduct a networking/business meeting to which we invite all experienced pronunciation teachers and newcomers. It’s an occasion to gather informally in a circle, face to face, to meet and get acquainted with like-minded colleagues and talk about ideas that promote pronunciation, listening, and speaking in our classrooms and in our profession. Please come and share, listen, and learn.

When: Friday, October 20, 6-6:45 p.m.

More Pronunciation Sessions at the Annual Conference

More sessions that address topics related to the teaching of pronunciation will be on the program on Friday and Saturday. Check the conference website for the detailed schedule. If you have a smartphone, download the conference app.

Informal Interaction Both Face-to-Face and Online

TOP at the Regionals
After the 2016 Annual TOP-IG Networking and Business Meeting in San Diego, where there was a strong showing of more 30 attendees, Marla and I also conducted a TOP Rap Session at each of the regional conferences: Los Angeles in March 2017, Northern in Pacific Grove in April 2017, and San Diego in April 2017. Rap sessions ranged from 8 to 20 participants, and we talked about a variety of topics, such as getting shy students to speak, using mobile apps, playing games, and finding ways to improve our own skills at teaching pronunciation.

TOP-IG Facebook and Google Groups
We now have two social media members-only groups for Teaching of Pronunciation: a Google group and a Facebook group. There are two ways to join the TOP Google group:

  1. When you become a CATESOL member or renew your membership, mark the box to join TOP, and you will be added.
  2. Access this link and click the blue button at the top “Apply to join group.”

To join the Facebook group, first create a Facebook account if you don’t already have one and do one of the following:

  1. Log into Facebook, enter “CATESOL TOP-IG” in the Facebook search box, follow the link to the TOP-IC group, and request to join.
  2. From this publication of the CATESOL News, click this direct link to the CATESOL TOP-IG group, enter your login information, and request to join.

The addition of members to both groups is done by us human beings, not robots, so be patient when you notice it isn’t instantaneous. And most important: Participate by reading and sharing, posting questions, information, and resources that may be helpful to other teachers of pronunciation.

Marsha Chan is co-coordinator of the Teaching of Pronunciation Interest Group.


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