PTE-IG Book Club Reviews Second Language Acquisition Myths

May 17th, 2017 | By
author image of Corey Hanson Hegger

By COREY HEGGER Does your classroom instruction need a boost? Do you ever wonder why some teaching techniques are preferred over others? Or do you just question if what you’re doing in the classroom is actually effective? At Glendale Community College, a group of adjunct instructors met over winter break to read, discuss, and critique
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PTE-IG to Welcome Participation in Next Book Group Session

Sep 24th, 2016 | By
thumbnail of SLA myths

In the San Gabriel Valley part of Los Angeles County, Corey Hanson-Hegger and Jennifer Van Hyning, the Part-Time Educators’ Interest Group coordinators, are planning to conduct a book group during the winter intersession. We will be reading and discussing Second Language Acquisition Myths: Applying Second Language Research to Classroom Teaching by Steven Brown and Jenifer Larson-Hall
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From the Part-Timers’ Corner: Saving Time

Mar 19th, 2016 | By
author image of Corey Hanson Hegger

By COREY HANSON HEGGER —Between grading, lesson planning, and commuting, it’s difficult to find enough hours in the day. It’s important to avoid burnout. Here are some time-saving tips for the classroom: Check Homework in Class Instead of Taking It Home With You. Put students in small groups to compare homework answers, and circulate through
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PTE-IG Book Club Reviews Vocabulary Myths

Sep 29th, 2015 | By
new image of Tiffany Ingle, author

By TIFFANY INGLE —Summer for part-timers generally comes with a lot of pressure and not a lot of paychecks. This summer, to create community and some professional learning in the midst of that pressure, I hosted a PTE-IG book club surrounding Keith Folse’s Vocabulary Myths from University of Michigan Press. Our seven-member book club tackled
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Dear Full-Timers, Administrators, and Coordinators

Mar 13th, 2015 | By
image of Tiffany Ingle--PTEIG member

By TIFFANY INGLE —As a part of Adjunct Awareness week, February 23-27, I conducted a survey of the Part-Time Educators Interest Group. I asked only one simple question: What concerns you most right now as a part-time educator? The responses surprised me. I expected to see health care and more pay come up, but I
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Celebrating Part-Time Retirements

Dec 20th, 2014 | By
Tiffany Ingle

By TIFFANY INGLE —I recently had a pie party at my home for some students, during which we ate far too much pie and the students got far too honest. Because it’s registration time, students began discussing which classes to take with which professors—a conversation I chose to eavesdrop on rather than participate in myself.
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